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5 quick wins for beating bedwetting

January 29, 2016 2 min read

This January we suggested 5 quick wins on our Facebook page, to help give parents a head start in training their children to not to wet the bed. We understand that stopping bedwetting can be a challenging and frustrating process, so if the problem can be resolved easily and quickly then all the better.

  1. Avoid irritants (caffeine, artificial sweeteners, etc.)
  2. Encourage drinking water during the day – Don't restrict fluid.
  3. Healthy poos? Constipation can be a cause of bedwetting.
  4. Avoid appearing angry or irritated when your child wets their bed.
  5. Fear of the dark? Is the child too scared to go to the bathroom?

The process usually involves researching and learning about bedwetting (primary nocturnal enuresis if you want the technical term) and most likely will seek advice from a school nurse or counsellors who usually have vast experience helping bed wetting children. Parents may also take their bedwetters to attend an enuresis clinic, such as those run by the NHS School Nurses in the United Kingdom. It is possible parents may need to visit their GP or medical specialist for further advice and investigation. Parents will most likely have to purchase a bedwetting alarm or find an enuresis clinic, or school* who will provide a loan alarm.

All this takes a whole lot of time, money, lots and lots of washing and lost sleep.

That is why the team here at DRI Sleeper are committed to helping parents resolve bedwetting issues as quickly, safely and easily as possible. As much as we love to sell our bedwetting alarms, we are glad to provide advice or suggestions to parents that may shorten their journey, even just a little!

If you have any quick wins you'd like us to share with the world, please let us know and maybe we can make this a top 10 list next time!!

If you need advice then please contact me and I would be glad to help!

*We are aware that in many areas loan alarms are in short supply or are of poor quality, this can be a real frustration for parents if they have made the decision to tackle their children's enuresis. We will give a discount for the purchase of loan alarms and may even donate spare demo units or floor models to organisations in low socioeconomic areas. Just ask.