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About DRI Sleeper

Our business

We’re in the business of building children’s self-esteem and reducing parents’ stress. Each day, parents around the world get in touch to tell us about the difference our advice and products have made to their child’s confidence and their family’s well-being.

For 40 years we have been helping children and young adults learn to sleep dry at night! DRI Sleeper was established by Dr Anthony Page who was a leading pediatric expert.

Our products

DRI Sleeper is a world leading brand of bedwetting alarms and is used in over 55 countries. Customers and Clinics can order alarms directly from us (the manufacturer) or purchase from one of our distributors throughout the world.

Our products are designed with children's safety in mind and are registered with many health authorities such as the FDA.

DRI Sleeper alarms are designed and manufactured in New Zealand by Anzacare Limited, a specialist medical device manufacturer.

Who are we?

DRI Sleeper (Anzacare) is owned and managed by Stephen Sexton and Karen Radford. 

DRI Sleeper team photo
The DRI Sleeper Team: Cameron, Karen and Stephen

Karen is our Senior Bedwetting Alarm Adviser and has been helping families for many years to resolve their children's bedwetting. DRI Sleeper customers and clinicians can contact Karen for guidance if needed. Karen has solutions for many problems encountered with night toilet training and can draw on knowledge from her extensive network. Karen is the author of the book 'A Plan for DRI Nights'. She regularly attends international conferences and works with experts in the field of Children's Continence. 

Stephen is in charge of both product design, manufacturing and global logistics.

Cameron heads the Digital Marketing team.


Where are we?

Head office is based near Wellington, New Zealand which is known as 'the coolest little capital in the world'. From here we support customers and ship alarms worldwide. We have logistics operations in Australia, UK, Europe and North America.

Manufacturing is carried out in an ISO accredited facility based in Christchurch.

Both directors are regularly on the road visiting our distributors across the globe. Please get in touch if you would like a visit!

Why our products work

A bedwetting alarm, when used as directed, solves bedwetting for up to 9 in 10 children. Alarms work faster, and for more children, than any other approach.

It’s based on understanding how children learn. Almost all children wet the bed because their brain hasn’t yet linked needing to pee with waking. Our alarms help children know exactly when they wet, so over a few nights to a few weeks, they learn to notice that ‘full-bladder feeling’, wake and go to the bathroom.

We’ve also designed our product with real children and families in mind: they’re small, safe and easy to use.

Boosting a child’s self-belief is priceless. We hope your child and your family will be next to see the difference.

Start solving bedwetting: