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DRI Sleeper Eclipse Wireless Bedwetting Alarm
Tess W. (England, United Kingdom)
Progress made

Our school age son isn’t dry through the night yet, but progress is being made. Prior to this he was in pull ups. He is a very deep sleeper so this is what’s holding him back. He’s gone from wetting and soaking sheets multiple times a night to either dry through till morning or just one alarm and slightly damp pants but no need to change the bedding as he must be stopping himself until we wake him and get him on the toilet. The support team at DRI are great I emailed a query for tips and they got right back with help so I think this will be helpful in making progress to no alarm. The product is great and I believe for a non deep sleeper this would work for sure, it is very loud and I don’t know how my son sleeps through it as it is like a fire alarm. I deducted 1 star for cost reasons as it was an expensive purchase.

Pleased to hear progress is being made. Have you tried the Priming Strategy before bed? Priming can be a great way of helping deep sleepers learn to wake unaided however as long as you wake him, it will still work.

We hope the cost savings on pullups will far outweigh your investment in the alarm.

Eclipse Special Package for Deep Sleepers
K.D. (Arizona, United States)
So happy with our purchase

Purchased this for my 8-year old who has never been dry at night. In just about a month we went from multiple wettings each night to being totally dry. The first few weeks were really tough and it was hard to not get discouraged but then everything just clicked and he has now been dry for over two weeks! I honestly didn't think anything would work and am so, so happy to be proven wrong!

We are so pleased it has clicked for your eight-year-old. Well done for persevering when it was tough. All the best for the future.

DRI Sleeper Eclipse Wireless Bedwetting Alarm
Kate P. (New South Wales, Australia)
It really works!

Took my 6.5yo child just under a week to get the hang of getting up before the alarm went off, and now we’re just finishing our first completely dry fortnight. Such a gamechanger! Our 4yo is keen to try it next. We inserted the device between two pairs of undies, followed by a Pull Up over the top (I didn’t want to be washing sheets constantly). So easy to use. Worth every penny!

Congratulations on getting bedwetting sorted! That is a very clever placement strategy, thanks for sharing :)

DRI Sleeper Excel - Bedwetting Alarm for Children
Johanne L. (Saint Michael, Barbados)
DRI Sleeper excel is excellent!

Could not be happier with this alarm as well as the step by step manual. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone.

DRI Sleeper Eclipse Wireless Bedwetting Alarm
Bonnie F. (Washington, United States)
This works!!!

My son is 9 and was wetting the bed every single night… her started using the dri sleeper and after about 3 weeks of it waking him up every night he now has gone 18 nights in a row with no accidents at all!! This thing has been a god send!! Don’t hesitate!! Give it a try now

He has done really well getting through 18 dry nights. Top effort!

DRI Sleeper Excel - Bedwetting Alarm for Children
Blair S. (Auckland, New Zealand)

He sleeps through it.
Battery went flat after leaving it plugged in. Back to nappies at this stage.
Have read your emails. We are focusing on getting him to toilet before bed. Very difficult.

Please get in touch if you would like to go through any of the deep sleeper strategies I suggested. Here to help.

Eclipse Special Package for Deep Sleepers
Jenny P. (Northern Ireland, United Kingdom)
Very good

Previously used a different brand which did not work out, due to wires being pulled out and going of when it wasn't wet, detaching from pants etc. Since I decided to invest the money for this alarm and my goodness what a difference! Saw improvement straight away with this alarm mainly due to the fact you can depend on it to go of when needed. Alarm was only sounding when genuine wet and I was able to be there quickly to assist due to use going for the dual alarm speaker, he wasn't getting frustrated or feeling disheartened as it was only going of when it should have, and I started to see progress. We are 55 days in and the alarm rarely goes of at all now which is great! It is very easy to clean. I was also impressed by how far away the little speaker can stay connected to the sensor.

Sounds like he is making some good progress. Hopefully, he is close to the 14 dry nights which is the target.

DRI Sleeper Eclipse Wireless Bedwetting Alarm
Maureen G. (Tasmania, Australia)

Within a week my 10yo has had dry nights. We have had the occasional wet pants in the morning but not enough to change the bed. Wish I had done it years ago.
Holidays have been great as don’t have to pack night pants which takes up valuable room.
Alarm will occasionally go off due to sweating but I’d rather the alarm be sensitive.
Worth the money

Some good progress is being made! Well done :)

Try wrapping the sensor in a little tissue to prevent sweat setting it off.

DRI Sleeper Excel - Bedwetting Alarm for Children
Kelly S. (British Columbia, Canada)
So Relieved - This Really Works!

Honestly, we were at our wits end and this bedwetting alarm really worked! I think it took a couple times and it trained my son. He gets up to pee now if he has to, but his brain and bladder are now trained to make it through the night. We couldn't believe how fast it worked. We are now going to use it on our 3 year old. Money well spent. We couldn't be happier, especially my 5.5 year old! Thanks!!

That is a terrific effort! Congratulations.

Eclipse Special Package for Deep Sleepers
Kate L. (England, United Kingdom)
3 weeks and no more nappies

The title says it all really. It took a week to get the hang of how to use it in the nappies (wrapped in a single sheet of toilet roll, tucked in a whole cut into the first layer of nappy). But after that it was less than 2 weeks and he's dry!
I definitely didn't think it would be that quick.

Well worth a try

Definitely worth a try, our 6yo girl has improved with only a minor setback now and then with setting off the alarm over the past month.

A miracle

I was sceptical at first but this product has been a true blessing. My 10 year old son was wetting the bed every night several times a night. He successfully completed the 4 weeks with the alarm and has been dry every single night since. I don’t know the science behind why it works but it does work. He is relieved and proud of himself and so are we. I would recommend this product, it is worth every cent.

We are so pleased he has conquered bedwetting. We wish him all the best for the future!

DRI Sleeper Eclipse Wireless Bedwetting Alarm
Haleigh (Utah, United States)
Only way to go

Easy to use. Loved the professional support and advice available after I purchased alarm to guide training. My 6 year old has been dry consistently after only a week of using the alarm. He was ready and the alarm made it possible.

Great to have bedwetting sorted so quickly! Well done.

DRI Sleeper Excel - Bedwetting Alarm for Children
barbara s. (Pennsylvania, United States)
Easy and worked well

Worked quickly to stop nighttime peeing. 7 year old learned how to put it on herself. She had only 2 accidents that triggered the alarm and now hasn’t had an accident well over a month.

Congratulations, that's a great result!

DRI Sleeper Eclipse Wireless Bedwetting Alarm
Est (England, United Kingdom)
DRI Sleeper Eclipse Wireless Bedwetting Alarm

Does the job worked within 2 weeks of having it, no more wet beds.

Congratulations! That was really quick.

Eclipse, Brolly Sheet and Book Special Offer
Monique W. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Amazing results, highly recommend!

We purchased the eclipse special and an additional brolly sheet in anticipation of nighttime changes for our 7 year old. The booklet that came with it was excellent, very informative and just gave us tips we hadn’t thought of before.
Our 7 year old had never had a dry night, but never had an issue with day time toileting. Within a week of using the alarm, we had around 2/3 dry nights in a row. It’s now been 2 months and our boy has been dry for 3 weeks consecutively, 4 of those nights now without the alarm.
Cannot recommend enough, we are so impressed with this alarm, thank you for helping out bout be confident enough to be able to now go to his friends for sleepovers!

We are so pleased he is now confident enought to go for sleepovers. He has done a great job getting bedwetting sorted!

Eclipse Special Package for Deep Sleepers
Karina L. (New South Wales, Australia)

Eclipse Special Package with Parental Monitor

DRI Sleeper Excel - Kiwi Family Special
Kristin (Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand)
Amazing tool

Our just turned 5yr old boy has gone from filling a pull up every night, to completely dry in a little over a week. Wish we'd got it sooner.

Wow, that is a great effort! Well done.

Eclipse Special Package for Deep Sleepers
Pamela A. (Ontario, Canada)
Alarm worked great! Pleasantly Surprised!

My daughter has been 100% dry for about 6 weeks now. And in the month before that she only had 2 accidents. I am so happy for her! I highly recommend the Eclipse Wireless Alarm! It changed our lives. Here is my updated testimonial.

We purchased the Eclipse Wireless Bedwetting Alarm 5 months ago. My daughter was 13 and we had tried everything else, this was our last resort. Well, within the first week, she had her first dry night! Progress was steady so it was easy to keep going with the program. She quickly progressed to 10-12 dry nights in a row, until she was only having occasional accidents. It took a bit longer because we had to stop using the alarm during the weeks when she was menstruating but after about 3 months, she was 100% dry and we stopped using the sensor altogether. This alarm has greatly improved our quality of life. The shame she used to feel when invited to stay overnight at a friend's house or even her grandma's is gone. She's now looking forward to overnight camp! I hesitated to buy this alarm because of the price but it has more than paid for itself with the money we saved by NOT buying pull ups. And to see my daughter's confidence and self-esteem -- PRICELESS! My only regret was that we waited so long to try this.

So glad that she is having dry nights. After 14 dry nights, we consider bedwetting to be sorted. Keep up the good work!

DRI Sleeper Excel - Bedwetting Alarm for Children
Southland W.u.1.M.P. (Southland, New Zealand)
Good wee alarm

My wee
Man is a heavy sleeper and isn’t waking with the alarm but the rest of us are!😂

Oh dear! I will email you some suggestions that I think will help.

DRI Sleeper Eclipse Wireless Bedwetting Alarm
Jan R.7. (Central Bohemia, Czechia)
Didn't change anything

The alarm doesn't wake our son up. At least it lets us know immediately when he wets the bed, but that's too late. I thought it was supposed to teach him to stop wetting the bed. Not just let us know when it already happened. But it always seemed too good to be real.

It is still helpful if you gently wake him up. Have you done at least 2 weeks of the priming process with him? This will help him develop the habit of waking to the alarm on his own. You can read about that in our book 'A Plan for DRI Nights' or read our detailed blog post on helping deep sleepers. https://dri-sleeper.com/deepsleep

Feel free to contact me if you want further guidance. Good luck!

Eclipse Special Package for Deep Sleepers
Richard J. (England, United Kingdom)
It really does work

We purchased this product and within four weeks our child had stoped wetting the bed. Worth every penny.

Well done! That's a great result.

DRI Sleeper Eclipse Wireless Bedwetting Alarm
Margaret H. (Alberta, Canada)

This device worked wonders helping my grandson.

Congratulations to your Grandson! Well done.

Eclipse Special Package for Deep Sleepers
Hayley W. (England, United Kingdom)

What an amazing product! Worth every penny! So easy to use and simple.
Our little boy is now dry at night after 4 weeks of the programme. If you follow the programme and all the advice this will work for you! The beeper system really does train the brain.
Thank you to the company who also offer great customer service checking in on you throughout the programme.
Can highly recommend this product!

We are so pleased that our programme has helped your little boy 'Train the Brain'. We wish him all the best for the future!

DRI Sleeper Eclipse Wireless Bedwetting Alarm
Jarrod (Victoria, Australia)
Very happy

The alarm has worked a treat, Our daughter has been using it nightly for 6 weeks now & after a few nights of the alarm going off & having to change the bed, we then had a few weeks where the alarm went of occasionally & she got herself to the toilet only having to change her undies not the bed. It has now been two weeks without the alarm going off at all & completely dry nights 😁 thanks very much for a great product 👍

Congratulations on getting bedwetting sorted! Well done.