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DRI Sleeper Eclipse Wireless Bedwetting Alarm
Margaret H. (Alberta, Canada)

This device worked wonders helping my grandson.

Congratulations to your Grandson! Well done.

Eclipse Special Package with Parental Monitor
Hayley W. (England, United Kingdom)

What an amazing product! Worth every penny! So easy to use and simple.
Our little boy is now dry at night after 4 weeks of the programme. If you follow the programme and all the advice this will work for you! The beeper system really does train the brain.
Thank you to the company who also offer great customer service checking in on you throughout the programme.
Can highly recommend this product!

We are so pleased that our programme has helped your little boy 'Train the Brain'. We wish him all the best for the future!

DRI Sleeper Eclipse Wireless Bedwetting Alarm
Jarrod (Victoria, Australia)
Very happy

The alarm has worked a treat, Our daughter has been using it nightly for 6 weeks now & after a few nights of the alarm going off & having to change the bed, we then had a few weeks where the alarm went of occasionally & she got herself to the toilet only having to change her undies not the bed. It has now been two weeks without the alarm going off at all & completely dry nights 😁 thanks very much for a great product 👍

Congratulations on getting bedwetting sorted! Well done.

DRI Sleeper Eclipse Wireless Bedwetting Alarm
Sharon m. (Victoria, Australia)

Our 8 year old son has been struggling to stop his night bed wetting, but this amazing little tool has give him such a confidence.
It has been a slow but steady race.
Week one was a little hard, as he wasn’t waking with this alarm, then he slowly started to wake himself, with now having 98 % dry nights.

Thank you so much DRI Sleeper.

We are so pleased this has helped his confidence. He is doing a great job of getting bedwetting sorted!

DRI Sleeper Eclipse Wireless Bedwetting Alarm
Pip P. (Bay of Plenty, New Zealand)
It really worked!

We are so grateful for the Dri Sleeper. We had a few issues at the start with the alarm not working all the time but after I got in touch with Karen we realised that it was on a metal surface and right next to a gro clock. Once we fixed that it was 14 dry nites in a row! It’s celebration day for my son today so it’s all out for ice creams today.

Great news! You all certainly deserve an ice cream for your efforts. Well done for getting bedwetting sorted.

DRI Sleeper Eclipse Wireless Bedwetting Alarm
Layo A. (Saskatchewan, Canada)

It worked. My child now wake to pee without been woken up.

We are so pleased this has worked for your child. Well done!

DRI Sleeper Eclipse Wireless Bedwetting Alarm
Cassandra P. (South Australia, Australia)

I got this for my daughter and she stated using it 3 weeks ago. She now has more dry nights than wet ones. I’m absolutely loving the alarm system.

Eclipse Special Package with Parental Monitor
Tracy C. (Wellington, New Zealand)

9 weeks ago my 6 year old was wearing pull ups overnight and was very wet every single morning . 9 weeks later she has just completed 14 nights in a row!! I was sceptical of the product in the beginning but it actually worked, would recommend anyone struggling to give it a go!

DRI Sleeper Excel - Bedwetting Alarm for Children
SONJA B. (KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa)

Very happy with the bed wetting alarm. My granddaughter(7) has 2 incidence in the month that she has had it and otherwise has been dry. From a child that wet the bed every night. Very happy with my purchase.


My daughter is 7 and a deep sleeper. It took 21 days of using the alarm for her to be sorted. We are so thankful and she is having her first sleep over next week.

Eclipse, Brolly Sheet and Book Special Offer
Anonymous (Ohio, United States)

Son still having frequent accidents but he is waking up to the alarm so hopefully it will help overtime.

It is great he is waking up to the alarm. It can be encouraging to look out for signs of improvement such as:

• Waking up before the alarm when you have a full bladder
• Smaller and smaller wet patches
• Waking to the alarm straight away
• Alarm going off later during the night
• Alarm sounding less times than usual during the night
• More dry nights

You can also find useful ideas in the Online Resource Kit, particularly the ebook 'A Plan for DRI Nights'. Please contact me if you would like some guidance.

DRI Sleeper Eclipse Wireless Bedwetting Alarm
Sonia J. (England, United Kingdom)
It worked!

My daughter (nearly 8) is a very heavy sleeper and wore pull ups at night and they would normally be sodden by morning and more often than not, leaked onto the bed.

We decided to try Dri Sleeper after she said she was fed up. I was expecting this to work quite quickly, but for us it took longer. Both her father and Grandfather wet the bed up to the age of 10, so I knew it was going to be a challenge!

The alarm is discrete. We tried it with the sanitary towel but it caused rubbing on my daughters inner thigh so we tried the double knicker method which worked much better for us. There have been good nights and not so good nights (plus we have been away so the change of scene didn't help as she was scared going to the toilet at night). We are now 6 weeks in and we are now ready to remove the alarm for good

My daughter is super chuffed! As are we.

It is great your daughter is super chuffed to be dry at night! Well done for sticking with it and getting bedwetting sorted.

DRI Sleeper Eclipse Wireless Bedwetting Alarm
Fran M. (Auckland, New Zealand)


DRI Sleeper Excel - Bedwetting Alarm for Children
Nonna (British Columbia, Canada)
Sound sleeper

Unfortunately, it wasn’t loud enough to wake up our sound sleeping 6 year old but just having it on him made him more aware. He is now fully nighttime trained and also we have to do is wake him up at 10 pm to use the bathroom before we go to sleep. So very happy it worked for him.

Fantastic! So pleased that it worked for him. Well done.

DRI Sleeper Eclipse Wireless Bedwetting Alarm
Samantha S. (England, United Kingdom)
Really useful product

We had been struggling to get my daughter dry at night. She was dry within just a couple of weeks using this product.

The struggle is over! Great news. All the best for the future.

Eclipse Special Package with Parental Monitor
R. R. (New South Wales, Australia)
worked in a week

Really worked in a week time.

We still can't believe it made a difference so quickly as our child is a very, very deep sleeper..We struggled with this issue for at least a couple of years beforehand, and we saw progress/results in the very first week of trial!!
We can't recommend it enough!

We are so pleased it worked quickly. Well done!

DRI Sleeper Excel - Bedwetting Alarm for Children
Louise M. (New South Wales, Australia)

My daughter is 6 and had not had a dry night ever until we tried DRI Sleeper Bed-wetting Alarm. Fast forward 3 weeks and she is a new child. It has been amazing. So so happy!

Congratulations on her fantastic effort! Well done.

DRI Sleeper Eclipse Wireless Bedwetting Alarm
Helen D. (England, United Kingdom)
Great piece of kit

Small and discreet alarm loud enough for my son to hear and not the entire house

DRI Sleeper Excel - Bedwetting Alarm for Children
Anonymous (Western Australia, Australia)
Fingers crossed

After trying all the other options (no nappy, reward chart etc.), I decided to go ahead and buy a bedwetting alarm from our 7yo. His sister had been dry from 2yrs and she was starting to tease him about it. The difference between the two is that our 7yo is a very heavy sleeper who would often sleep through his wetness, unfortunately a habit he has picked up from us (who were also late at becoming night dry).
After 2 1/2wks of no improvement (and finding out for the first time that some nights he wet twice) and sleeping through the alarm, we had a night where he was lucid when I came in and he disconnected the alarm himself. The next night, he woke up himself to go to the toilet. After that we had 10 days of dryness, one night where he'd gotten as far as wetting his underwear but then stopping, and then another 9 dry nights.
We then had a turn for the worse when I thought it was safe to put the duvet back on (instead of 3 separate blankets) and he wet for six nights. I don't know if he was extra cosy and so went into a deeper sleep??! But we got past this and now we're on day 6 of dry nights.
So after all that, I'd strongly recommend you buying this device. I read comments about using an elastic band to keep the cord attached and so far we haven't had it disconnect in his sleep. He has managed to remove the whole thing in his sleep though somehow! We use it with the sensor tucked between 2 pairs of underwear (the outer pair are slightly tighter) and with full pyjamas on. And he is both a tummy and back sleeper with I'm sure a lot of movement in between and it's always worked as needed.

Thanks for the feedback and it is great to hear your son is making solid progress. Congratulate him on behalf of the DRI Sleeper team for a great effort.

Eclipse Special Package with Parental Monitor
Travis T. (Victoria, Australia)
Works just as it should

Have had no dramas, has helped from night one. A whole month with dry nights so far. Kid loves it. And so do we. Highly recommend

Great result!

Eclipse Special Package with Parental Monitor
Stephen T. (England, United Kingdom)
Excellent product

A bit sceptical after my sons has not gone through the night in 8 years. Worked an absolutely treat, he's now gone 2 weeks completely dry.

Congratulations that is a great result!

Eclipse Special Package with Parental Monitor
Millie B. (Georgia, United States)
didn't work

Alarm didn't ring at night time. Got hopes up for nothing

DRI Sleeper Eclipse Wireless Bedwetting Alarm
Mat H. (Southland, New Zealand)
It worked!!

My 6yr old boy was wetting the bed twice each night consistently. Having tried various methods to improve the situation I ordered the unit as a last resort.

He took to it pretty well and was quite excited himself to give it a go. There was improvement within the first week and generally we were finding that his bed was not as wet and he was obviously reacting to the alarm. I would then get him up to finish off in the toilet. Sometimes he would be so tired he would be bit of a zombie while I was taking him.

I persevered for about a month but eventually he was getting himself up and going back to bed with the odd accident here and there. As I write this he has had only one accident in the last two weeks.

Great product.

That is great progress!

Eclipse Special Package with Parental Monitor
Mel (New South Wales, Australia)
DRI Sleeper Bedwetting Alarm

Best and most effective device we have used

DRI Sleeper Eclipse Wireless Bedwetting Alarm
Donna M. (Victoria, Australia)

I was a little sceptical as to how the alarm would work but within 2 weeks we had our 4yr old waking to go to the toilet. Yay!

Then just like that, she started sleeping through the night not needing the toilet or wetting the bed. We are still dry 2 months later and no alarm for 2 months!

I don’t know how or why this works but it does!

My daughter was most comfortable when we fitted the alarm just under a thin layer of material in the nappy crutch area.

Brilliant! All the best for the future.