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Eclipse Special Package for Deep Sleepers

The Eclipse special package comes with an additional alarm for the parents’ bedroom which will trigger and wake you when your child starts wetting the bed. The quicker the child is able to respond to the alarm, with your help, the less they will empty their bladder which means they can react to their bladder signals and finish going to the toilet in the bathroom. It is important that the child experiences the sensation of a full bladder when they wake to the alarm as this is how the Learning by Association occurs. Over time the brain works out that the reason the loud noise happens is because they have a full bladder and they start responding to this sensation before the alarm triggers. So, if you have an incredibly deep sleeper or a child with other needs the parental alarm is a great idea as it helps you to help them respond and get the learnings as quickly as possible. 

The parental alarm can be used in a parent’s bedroom that is up to 40 feet (12 metres) away from the alarm in the child’s bedroom,

The alarms include long life coin cell batteries sealed into both the alarm base and the sensor. They cannot be replaced and will last the normal treatment period.

3 Ways to place the Eclipse sensor

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
MelissaF (New South Wales, Australia)
Problem solved in less than two weeks

Worked exactly as described. My 6 year old had never had a dry night and within 10 days was dry and no longer needing the alarm. We had tried many other methods of trying to train him but he just wasn’t waking up in the night. Absolutely solved the problem for us. Highly recommended.

Well done Mr 6! All the best for the future.

Mathew S. (New South Wales, Australia)
Great product !

Great product and the service is even better!
Can’t go wrong with these guys.

Jennifer (Queensland, Australia)
This has made such a difference!

Our nearly 7 year old is an incredibly solid sleeper who had never been even close to getting out of nappies at night. Over the last 6 weeks since we started with the alarm we have seen major improvements and she now frequently wakes up dry and some nights wakes herself to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. I wish we had tried this earlier!

We hope the improvements continue and 14 dry nights are reached soon. Good luck!

V M. (England, United Kingdom)
Unexpected Results

I was very dubious as to how the alarm would actual stop my deep-sleeping 6 year old wetting the bed Each night. But, after just 3 weeks, we have successfully completed 2 weeks of consecutive dry nights!
Worth every penny.

Congratulations on getting bedwetting sorted! All the best for the future.

Faye W. (England, United Kingdom)
Great alarms for my twins

Great alarms and amazing resources to help keep my little ones dry

Laura T. (Scotland, United Kingdom)

The alarm purchased works very well. It is very loud and would wake most people from sleep. However it doesn't wake my son. We will continue to use it in the hope that it will eventually help us achieve the desired effect.

I will email you some strategies you can use to help him wake.

Greg P. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Excellent product and results

This worked exactly as it was meant to and we had great results within only a few weeks after years of trying other tricks. The only disappointment is the sensor if the battery goes (which it hasn't so far in two months) the whole thing needs replacing.

So pleased this worked for you after trying for so long.

The urosensor is a sealed unit to keep urine out but has a long-life battery which lasts well beyond the typical treatment period. The base unit contains a Panasonic CR2345 battery which can be replaced. If you are unable to open your base unit to replace the battery, please contact me.

Josh D. (New South Wales, Australia)
Dry nights!

We had tried multiple alarms and since getting this one we have had a great deal of success and he’s still improving! Worth every cent!

So pleased you are enjoying success. All the best for the future.

Anonymous (Victoria, Australia)
Amazing the changes we’ve seen

The alarm is working better that I thought it would.
My child uses it easily on her own after a week of support.
We’ve seen big changes, dry nights after years of none. Highly recommend it but follow the process as it took a week to get used to.

Great result! All the best for the future.

Lynsey K. (Saskatchewan, Canada)
It works!

Great product. Helped in one week. Wish we would have purchased a long time ago!

That is a great result! Congratulations.

Questions Parents often ask

Most likely, a bedwetting alarm solves bedwetting for up to 9 in 10 young people. We have many resources and lots of experience so can guide you if needed.

Typically, 70% of young people will be dry in 2 to 12 weeks using our alarms. Some are quicker, some take longer. We encourage you to use the resources we provide and talk to our adviser to get the best outcome for your young person.

Yes, it is very safe. Our alarms comply with all regulatory requirements around the use and safety of electronic devices. Also, when the sensor detects moisture, it transmits twice for only 1.3 seconds to trigger the alarm and then stops transmitting.

We suggest ditching the diapers as they can remove the feeling of wetness which may interfere with the learning process. If you need the diapers to reduce the stress or mess, then go for it.

Children may eventually learn not to wet the bed on their own. However, at the age of 9, 50% of bedwetters will still be wetting the bed. This can interfere with their self confidence especially when it comes to school camps and sleepovers. Therefore, helping your child to stop wetting at night, in the same way as most children are taught to use the toilet during the day, can do wonders for their self esteem.

Many children have low levels of ADH, but DON'T we the bed. If low levels of ADH are an issue, your doctor may prescribe medication to use along with the alarm.

Yes, you can use our strategies for deep sleepers to help them learn to sleep dry. Remember MANY children are deep sleepers and don’t wet the bed.