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Eclipse Special Package for Deep Sleepers

The Eclipse special package comes with an additional alarm for the parents’ bedroom which will trigger and wake you when your child starts wetting the bed. The quicker the child is able to respond to the alarm, with your help, the less they will empty their bladder which means they can react to their bladder signals and finish going to the toilet in the bathroom. It is important that the child experiences the sensation of a full bladder when they wake to the alarm as this is how the Learning by Association occurs. Over time the brain works out that the reason the loud noise happens is because they have a full bladder and they start responding to this sensation before the alarm triggers. So, if you have an incredibly deep sleeper or a child with other needs the parental alarm is a great idea as it helps you to help them respond and get the learnings as quickly as possible. 

The parental alarm can be used in a parent’s bedroom that is up to 40 feet (12 metres) away from the alarm in the child’s bedroom,

The alarms include long life coin cell batteries sealed into both the alarm base and the sensor. They cannot be replaced and will last the normal treatment period.

Customer Reviews

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Tess W. (England, United Kingdom)
Progress made

Our school age son isn’t dry through the night yet, but progress is being made. Prior to this he was in pull ups. He is a very deep sleeper so this is what’s holding him back. He’s gone from wetting and soaking sheets multiple times a night to either dry through till morning or just one alarm and slightly damp pants but no need to change the bedding as he must be stopping himself until we wake him and get him on the toilet. The support team at DRI are great I emailed a query for tips and they got right back with help so I think this will be helpful in making progress to no alarm. The product is great and I believe for a non deep sleeper this would work for sure, it is very loud and I don’t know how my son sleeps through it as it is like a fire alarm. I deducted 1 star for cost reasons as it was an expensive purchase.

Pleased to hear progress is being made. Have you tried the Priming Strategy before bed? Priming can be a great way of helping deep sleepers learn to wake unaided however as long as you wake him, it will still work.

We hope the cost savings on pullups will far outweigh your investment in the alarm.

K.D. (Arizona, United States)
So happy with our purchase

Purchased this for my 8-year old who has never been dry at night. In just about a month we went from multiple wettings each night to being totally dry. The first few weeks were really tough and it was hard to not get discouraged but then everything just clicked and he has now been dry for over two weeks! I honestly didn't think anything would work and am so, so happy to be proven wrong!

We are so pleased it has clicked for your eight-year-old. Well done for persevering when it was tough. All the best for the future.

Kate P. (New South Wales, Australia)
It really works!

Took my 6.5yo child just under a week to get the hang of getting up before the alarm went off, and now we’re just finishing our first completely dry fortnight. Such a gamechanger! Our 4yo is keen to try it next. We inserted the device between two pairs of undies, followed by a Pull Up over the top (I didn’t want to be washing sheets constantly). So easy to use. Worth every penny!

Congratulations on getting bedwetting sorted! That is a very clever placement strategy, thanks for sharing :)

Bonnie F. (Washington, United States)
This works!!!

My son is 9 and was wetting the bed every single night… her started using the dri sleeper and after about 3 weeks of it waking him up every night he now has gone 18 nights in a row with no accidents at all!! This thing has been a god send!! Don’t hesitate!! Give it a try now

He has done really well getting through 18 dry nights. Top effort!

3 Ways to place the Eclipse sensor

Questions Parents often ask

Most likely, a bedwetting alarm solves bedwetting for up to 9 in 10 young people. We have many resources and lots of experience so can guide you if needed.

Typically, 70% of young people will be dry in 2 to 12 weeks using our alarms. Some are quicker, some take longer. We encourage you to use the resources we provide and talk to our adviser to get the best outcome for your young person.

Yes, it is very safe. Our alarms comply with all regulatory requirements around the use and safety of electronic devices. Also, when the sensor detects moisture, it transmits twice for only 1.3 seconds to trigger the alarm and then stops transmitting.

We suggest ditching the diapers as they can remove the feeling of wetness which may interfere with the learning process. If you need the diapers to reduce the stress or mess, then go for it.

Children may eventually learn not to wet the bed on their own. However, at the age of 9, 50% of bedwetters will still be wetting the bed. This can interfere with their self confidence especially when it comes to school camps and sleepovers. Therefore, helping your child to stop wetting at night, in the same way as most children are taught to use the toilet during the day, can do wonders for their self esteem.

Many children have low levels of ADH, but DON'T we the bed. If low levels of ADH are an issue, your doctor may prescribe medication to use along with the alarm.

Yes, you can use our strategies for deep sleepers to help them learn to sleep dry. Remember MANY children are deep sleepers and don’t wet the bed.