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All it takes is a little patience to cure nocturnal enuresis

October 22, 2014 2 min read

The team at Dri-Sleeper are always happy to hear from customers who have used our bed wetting alarm, with great results. Our goal is yours; to stop your child from wetting the bed. Find out more about what actually causes bedwetting here.

Great Bed Wetting Alarm Results

Recently we heard from Carla who’s child was a deep sleeper and was not initially responding to the bed wetting alarm. Deep sleepers tend to be harder work, but hang in there, all it takes is a little patience to cure nocturnal enuresis. This may take several weeks of consistent training, but your child will get there eventually. Read below to see what Carla had to say about her experience with our Dri-Sleeper products.

Anzacare Customer Story 

“Hi Karen

Just want to let you know that after those initial days of Lucas not waking at all without us having to fully intervene - wet cloths, rocking and shaking him, sitting him up - he suddenly one night got up and was found wandering downstairs (dry!) I directed him to the bathroom and now he is up every night or one or two times is dry having slept through. I was a little worried we have started some sleep walking but he has only done that twice and I think he just knew he needed to get up but was still too asleep to figure it all out.

I am really amazed because I thought with him being such a deep sleeper he would have to learn to wake to the alarm first however that was not the case.

DRI Sleeper® eclipse

Anyway we are now 11 nights dry in a row (even with a couple night he was very sick and very tired) so only 3 more to go to get to our 14. He is very keen to get the alarm off now.

Anyway of course we are so pleased after a summer (Canadian one) of him waking wet one or two times almost every night. If he is dry the next 3 nights then it will have been only 3.5 weeks! I only wish we started it at the beginning of the summer before we had to deal with all the wet nights camping as well.

So we are very pleased about this all :-)  and will be definitely be letting my GP know the brand of your alarm and why I would strongly recommend it. My GP wasn't able to comment on a brand when I first started looking and the urologist he asked only suggested one of the $400 ones. Having now used this I see why it is so great in terms of its sensor. The sensor sets this alarm apart and especially since we can use it in a pull up/diaper so we were still able to do the training when we were in a hotel and not have to deal with wet sheets etc!”

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We are so happy to hear of Carla and Lucas progress, and are always happy to answer any queries you may have regarding our bed wetting alarms and provide a full product support service. You can read more success stories here, and we would love to hear from you! Get in touch today.