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Treating your child’s bedwetting: Hiring an alarm v purchasing one

The economics of bedwetting

Keeping a child in disposable diapers at night time can add up to $1,000 dollars to a family’s annual household budget, not to mention the environmental impacts of non-biodegradable nappies in landfills.

Using waterproof mattress protection instead of diapers means that a family’s daily washing load increases with the need to regularly clean and dry bedding and night clothes. The cost in time, detergent and electricity can also add significantly to a family’s household budget.

Treating bedwetting can, therefore, be a sensible, economic strategy…

Should you treat your child’s bedwetting

Only 15% of bedwetters will outgrow their bedwetting each year. So, if a child is ready and willing to stop bedwetting, or, if they are starting to show signs of social withdrawal or lack of confidence or self-esteem because of it, the answer would be YES.

Hire alarms

Alarm hire is frequently used by insurance or publicly-funded Enuresis Clinics and often there are waiting lists. Having to wait when you and your child have made the decision to tackle the bedwetting issue can be de-motivating and frustrating especially when you can get a DRI Sleeper alarm delivered in a few days and start night time toilet training using our Plan for DRI Nights (ebook FREE with every alarm purchased) and the DRI Sleeper Resource Kit, available online.

Hire charges usually apply for a fixed period and if your child has not resolved their bedwetting in this time, additional charges may apply. Furthermore, the cost of hiring an alarm over a standard rental period often exceeds the cost of purchasing any DRI Sleeper alarm outright!

Purchasing a DRI Sleeper alarm

When you purchase a DRI Sleeper alarm you can keep using it until your child has achieved 14 consecutive dry nights -there is no hire contract timetable or cost to worry about. Furthermore, if your child relapses, you have it available to re-commence bedwetting training immediately.

Bedwetting can be a family affair, thanks to a genetic link for nocturnal enuresis. If you purchase an alarm for one child it is also available for other children should the gene express itself in siblings. This can be a substantial cost saving over hiring alarms for several children.

DRI Sleeper excel bedwetting alarm

The Excel body-worn alarm is well-priced for budget-conscious families. The plug-in sensor is made from conductive plastic and goes right inside the underwear to catch the first drops of urine. This means it can be used with pull-ups and disposable diapers. Other alarms that use sensors that clip onto the outside of the underwear cannot be used with disposables.
Also, with 9 sensing strips on both sides it has a large catchment area which is particularly good for boys who can wee in a variety of positions, depending on how they sleep. Being made of plastic it is easy to clean and dry for immediate re-use.

DRI Sleeper eclipse wireless bedwetting alarm

The Eclipse alarm has no wires at all. The conductive plastic sensor, which goes right inside the underwear to catch the first drops of urine, is also the transmitter. This is particularly good for restless sleepers who may accidentally pull the plug out of a wired sensor. Also, like the DRI Sleeper excel, the Eclipse can be used with diapers and pull-ups.

The alarm can be placed out of reach on bedside furniture so the child must get up to turn it off rather than switch it off and go back to sleep!

Another feature of the Eclipse alarm is that it can be used in conjunction with a parental alarm which alerts parents so they can assist their child to respond to the alarm. This is particularly useful for very deep sleepers.

The DRI advantage

Over the past 40 years DRI Sleeper alarms have helped hundreds of thousands of children around the world beat their bedwetting. With the support of the DRI Sleeper Bedwetting Adviser who can answer your questions and help you deal with any obstacles during night-time toilet training, your child can join their ranks.