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DRI Sleeper Progress Diary - Beta Version

This is a trial of a new Progress Diary(chart) for use with a Bedwetting Alarm. Using this will encourage helpful behaviours in order to get the best results from using the bedwetting alarm.  

This chart is in PDF format, please download and print it out. You will need to obtain some motivational reward stickers to help encourage kids to focus and achieve dryness at night.

Download Progress Diary


DRI Sleeper Progress Diary 2023 (beta)

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DRI Sleeper Power Ups

Techniques to enhance bedwetting alarm training.


Codeword Recall strategy for deep sleepers

Regular and timely bedtime routines can be helpful for the deep sleeper, as overtiredness can make them sleep even more deeply.

However, if your child sleeps through the alarm, you must wake them, and when you put them back to bed, use the Recall strategy to start developing the bladder/brain connection during sleep.

Recall involves giving your child a code word to remember after being woken by the bedwetting alarm. At breakfast the next morning, ask them to repeat the code word you gave them to help them remember being woken. A different code word should be used each night.

Make a game out of it and mark on a progress chart how many nights they remember the code word and a reward could be offered if it is remembered each night for a week.

Visualisation Technique

Visualisation is a daytime strategy that can be used alongside the alarm to help develop the brain/bladder connection.

When your child needs to go to the toilet at home during the day, ask them first to go to the bedroom, shut the curtains as if it were nighttime, and lie on the bed pretending to be asleep. Ask them to describe out loud what they feel in their bladder area and why this tells them to get up and go to the toilet when asleep.

Some children describe sensations; others use colours or sounds to inform themselves what their body tells them –whatever works for them.

Audio guided relaxation

Listen here

Some children or teenagers find it helpful to listen to our audio-guided relaxation that helps bring awareness to their bedwetting alarm training. Alternatively, find a helpful mindfulness meditation app to help them gently drift off to sleep.

Avoid Blue Light before sleep

Using screens and devices that emit Blue Light may affect the production of the hormone which tells the body to make less urine while we sleep. Instead of using devices, you can try dimming the lights and reading a book.

Overlearning Technique

Use this technique when your child is very close to being dry but occasionally wetting or if they have had a relapse.

For seven nights, give your child a glass of water (approx 250mls) before they settle down to sleep. As a result, they will need to go to the toilet within 2-3 hours of going to bed, and either the alarm will trigger, or they will wake up to the feeling of a full bladder. It doesn’t matter if they wet and trigger the alarm during this period as it brings about more learning to respond to the sensation of a full bladder. At the end of the seven nights, keep using the alarm until they achieve 14 consecutive dry nights.