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Elderly Bedwetting

As adults grow older, they may find that bladder control is leading to bedwetting, or nocturnal enuresis. Bedwetting is reasonably common among the older population, and while this may lead many to think it cannot be helped, in many cases it can be helped and treated properly once you learn a little more about bedwetting and why it can occur.

Incontinence can quite likely have a medical reason, and the first step for many elderly people is to make sure your Doctor or GP is up to speed with notes on your general well being. Conditions or complications can sometimes be an underlying factor for elderly bedwetting and it is important that this is ruled out wherever possible. For seniors and older adults that have no underlying medical reason for bedwetting, and wish to cure the problem, a bedwetting alarm is an effective option. Many elderly patients have found success by using the bed wetting alarm in the same manner as children do - simply to alert them during the night that their bladder is full, and ready to be emptied. By having the alarm signal, just as the first drops of urine are being expelled, the bed wetter is able to be woken, and can often take themselves to the toilet to finish off the process. In this way, they are being trained by the alarm to awake when their bladder is full, before there is any chance of fully wetting the bed to the point of discomfort.

The second reason a bedwetting alarm can be effective, is that they pick up small traces of leakage, and can assist the wetter that more may be on the way. By doing so, the wetter can wake up and go to the toilet routinely as they need to, without fear of deep sleep and not being woken naturally, before bedwetting occurs.

Anzacare has sold many of its DRI series alarms to older patients in the years it has been trading, and the feedback has always been positive from elderly and senior patients alike. We encourage you to try out one of our bedwetting alarms if you are, your care for, or you know a senior or elderly person that may be suffering from enuresis or bedwetting problems at night.