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DRI Sleeper Excel Alarm Base

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Johanne L. (Saint Michael, Barbados)
DRI Sleeper excel is excellent!

Could not be happier with this alarm as well as the step by step manual. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone.

Blair S. (Auckland, New Zealand)

He sleeps through it.
Battery went flat after leaving it plugged in. Back to nappies at this stage.
Have read your emails. We are focusing on getting him to toilet before bed. Very difficult.

Please get in touch if you would like to go through any of the deep sleeper strategies I suggested. Here to help.

Kelly S. (British Columbia, Canada)
So Relieved - This Really Works!

Honestly, we were at our wits end and this bedwetting alarm really worked! I think it took a couple times and it trained my son. He gets up to pee now if he has to, but his brain and bladder are now trained to make it through the night. We couldn't believe how fast it worked. We are now going to use it on our 3 year old. Money well spent. We couldn't be happier, especially my 5.5 year old! Thanks!!

That is a terrific effort! Congratulations.

barbara s. (Pennsylvania, United States)
Easy and worked well

Worked quickly to stop nighttime peeing. 7 year old learned how to put it on herself. She had only 2 accidents that triggered the alarm and now hasn’t had an accident well over a month.

Congratulations, that's a great result!

Questions Parents often ask

Most likely, a bedwetting alarm solves bedwetting for up to 9 in 10 young people. We have many resources and lots of experience so can guide you if needed.

Typically, 70% of young people will be dry in 2 to 12 weeks using our alarms. Some are quicker, some take longer. We encourage you to use the resources we provide and talk to our adviser to get the best outcome for your young person.

Yes it is very safe. Our alarms are registered with regulatory agencies around the world. The wireless sensor transmits twice for 1.3 seconds and ONLY when the alarm triggers. It also uses safe frequencies approved for medical devices.
The sensor contains Safety Electronics which means no risk of skin irrritation.
There are no metal contacts so no part of the sensor will corrode or deteriorate in urine.

We suggest ditching the diapers as they can remove the feeling of wetness which may interfere with the learning process. If you need the diapers to reduce the stress or mess, then go for it.

Children may eventually learn not to wet the bed on their own. If you think about it, you taught them not to wet themselves during the day – why would you not teach them to not wet during the night?

Many children have low levels of the hormones that regulate urine production at night, but DON’T wet the bed. If hormones are an issue then your doctor may prescribe medication to use along with the alarm.

Yes, you can use our strategies for deep sleepers to help them sleep learn to sleep dry. Remember MANY children are deep sleepers and don’t wet the bed.