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Excel Special Package - includes extra sensor

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Get the DRI Sleeper excel childrens bedwetting alarm plus an additional sensor. The extra sensor can be used as a spare in case of loss or breakage; or to pass the alarm on to another child when night toilet training is complete.

Customer Reviews

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Verity (Wellington Region, New Zealand)
Great tool for helping our daughter have dry nights

This was just the thing we needed to get our daughter having dry nights. It didn’t take too long to get it sorted and now we are nappy free!

Kevin S. (England, United Kingdom)
Game changer

Brilliant works, no more wet nights after 2 weeks. 3 small leaks, alarm went off 3 times just a dribble. Since then nothing for the last 8 week, bone dry..

Congratulations on a great result!

Tuomas M. (Uusimaa, Finland)

DRI Sleeper Excel - Bedwetting Alarm for Children

Jennifer G.
Worked like a dream!

Our 5 1/2 year old had never been dry at night and was starting to become very conscious of it and embarrassed. We had tried a few things like just going cold turkey for a few weeks but that was quite stressful for us all. We had some fun with the alarm when it first arrived as you can set it off with metal to test it. My little lad was quite excited to put it on. The first night it went off quite early - about 9:30pm. And by the time he was awake and realised what was happening he was fully wet. However, EVERY night after that we saw small changes and improvements, such as it going off later through the night, or him waking up quicker and making it to the loo for some of his wee. 5 weeks and he was completely dry. We are 3 months later and he hasn’t had a single accident. Absolutely life changing for us all. Amazing product.

Henna J. (Uusimaa, Finland)
Excel Special Package - includes extra sensor

This came fast and it has worked really well. I'm really happy.

Stacy B. (Washington, United States)
Works as advertised!

I bought this after trying many other methods to help my daughter stay dry at night. My daughter was also frustrated and eager to try this and I was impressed with how quickly it worked. The first couple of nights, the alarm woke me before it woke her, but I was able to get her to
The bathroom. After that, she had a couple more alarms that she woke to in the early morning and after another week with no alarms, she decided to go without it and has been dry through the night since!! My daughter’s issue was that she is such a sound sleeper, she would not rouse when she experienced the discomfort of a full bladder. The alarm helped her brain make the connection and respond normally. I am so pleased that this worked and have already recommended it to other parents struggling with this issue. Thank you!!

Congratulations on getting bedwetting sorted!

Shaimaa A. (Giza, Egypt)
Just like Magic Woooooow

Me and my 10 years old daughter couldn't be happier than now. I've done all the tips and tricks to get her a couple of dry nights, but no use. the doctor meds and advices couldn't do the job either. I searchd online desperately to find a solution when this came out as God's gift. And now she is officially a drisleeper for 55 days in a row. she herself got her self esteem back and is more active now.
Thank you so much for the reliability and the good customer service (N.B. I costed them double the price since my first alarm was lost in shipping..0)

Well done! We are so pleased this has helped your daughters self esteem. We wish her all the best for the future.

Heather D. (Ontario, Canada)

This unit is amazing at waking my child up

Lucy L. (England, United Kingdom)
Amazing product

My 9 year old was wetting every other day but within a couple of weeks she was completely dry for the 12 day period. She has now been dry for over a mouth and is a much happier child. My only wish is that I'd tried this alarm sooner.

Congratulations on getting bedwetting sorted! We are very happy she is happier, that is wonderful. All the best for the future.

Emma S. (Auckland, New Zealand)

After trying everything we could think of we finally decided an alarm was the next step. We had one accident the first week and have now been dry of coming up 8 weeks. I would highly recommend the DRI Sleeper

Congratulations! That is a great result. All the best for the future.

Questions Parents often ask

Most likely, a bedwetting alarm solves bedwetting for up to 9 in 10 young people. We have many resources and lots of experience so can guide you if needed.

Typically, 70% of young people will be dry in 2 to 12 weeks using our alarms. Some are quicker, some take longer. We encourage you to use the resources we provide and talk to our adviser to get the best outcome for your young person.

Yes, it is very safe. Our alarms comply with all regulatory requirements around the use and safety of electronic devices.

The sensor contains Safety Electronics which means no risk of skin irrritation.
There are no metal contacts so no part of the sensor will corrode or deteriorate in urine.

We suggest ditching the diapers as they can remove the feeling of wetness which may interfere with the learning process. If you need the diapers to reduce the stress or mess, then go for it.

Children may eventually learn not to wet the bed on their own. However, at the age of 9, 50% of bedwetters will still be wetting the bed. This can interfere with their self confidence especially when it comes to school camps and sleepovers. Therefore, helping your child to stop wetting at night, in the same way as most children are taught to use the toilet during the day, can do wonders for their self esteem.

Many children have low levels of ADH, but DON'T we the bed. If low levels of ADH are an issue, your doctor may prescribe medication to use along with the alarm.

Yes, you can use our strategies for deep sleepers to help them learn to sleep dry. Remember MANY children are deep sleepers and don’t wet the bed.